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Learn How to Work With Word Press

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that can modify anything on your website. From posts to the pictures, and even the blogs, you can do anything from the WordPress.  Learning WordPress is very important because without these skills, nothing can be made, fixed, or modified on the website.

Basic Website Develoment

  • how to edit
  • how to size
  • make pictures readable
  • How to read code
  • Logo making
  • Post writing
  • Display Sidebars
  • Homepage/Display page layout

How to Write Content for SEO

Learn how to create content according to industry standards of readability and optimization. It’s not enough to create a website – that website needs persuasive, interesting writing that search engines can understand!

Search Engine optimization

SEO is the art and science of determining the best course of action to ensure search engines will show your web content to the people you want to see it. Good SEO will result in your site getting more views, being in better health, and ultimately result in driving more conversions to you business or non-profit.

What Is Cloudwise?

The business community is currently in dire need of employees with technical skills. Unfortunately, there is a serious shortage of people who have those skills. There are, however, hard-working, conscientious people who, if they could learn in-demand technology skills, could fill those jobs. Cloud Wise Academy solves these problems. They help people learn in-demand technology skills that will make them attractive to employers who are hiring.