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Shasta Caverns ( 샤스타 동굴 ) [jiwon]

Shasta Caverns ( 샤스타 동굴 ) [jiwon]

This is the view of Shasta Lake before the entrance to the Shasta Caverns Caves. 이것은 Shasta 동굴 동굴 입구 앞에 Shasta 호수의 전망입니다. We took a group picture under the Shasta Caverns sign before departure on the boat. 보트 출발 전에 Shasta Caverns 표지판을 타고 단체 사진을 찍었습니다. Caverns IMG_6313...
Fourth of July  (7 월 4 일) (Lauren)

Fourth of July (7 월 4 일) (Lauren)

After eating dinner out, our group bought glow sticks and then drove to the Redding Civic Center to see the fireworks. I have watched the fireworks almost every year, from various locations in Redding. However, it was my first time to view them from the Redding Civic...