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About the Students of 2017

Lauren Sanders

is a sophomore in college who is completing her Liberal Arts degree, and will also be studying abroad next semester.

She enjoys reading about other places, riding crazy roller coasters, and trying new foods.


Lee Shi Hyun

is majoring in International Trade & Commerce.

She is interested in learning other cultures and also loves listening to music and dancing!


Maya Wallace

is majoring in History and English; she can’t decide between the two.

She loves studying new cultures and languages in her free time. She also enjoys listening to music and playing saxophone.


Jonathan Ferreira

has yet to decide his major. He enjoys music and foreign language/culture.


James Keating

is majoring in Business Administration: Finance & International Business.

He enjoys traveling and discovering music!


Park Na Eun

is majoring in Nursing. She is interested in making new friends all around the world.

She likes playing the piano and violin.


Min Ji Won

is majoring in film and animation. She likes watching movies.


Chelsea Wu

is majoring in Studio Art. She enjoys photography, basketball, and traveling.


Kang So Jung

is majoring in English Literature. She likes watching movies.


Choi Hee Yeon

is majoring in English Literature. She likes playing computer games.


Hwang Se Ra

is majoring in Medical Information Technology Engineering.

She likes reading books about architecture.


Choi Sae Eun

is majoring in energy environmental engineering.

She enjoys shopping and swimming.


Zachariah Zamarripa

will major in video game designing. He likes to play computer video games.