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4th of July! (By Kay)

Before the fireworks, we ate lunch at 5 Guys burger. Before I come here in Redding, the friend of mine who went to exchange student in US last semester highly recommend me to visit here. So I was looking forward to be here in 5 Guys! Jonathan, Maya and I had burgers, fries and beverages. Milkshake here was fantastic!!

We all together ate dinner at Red Robbins!

And fireworks!! yayyyyy!!!

Comparison of In & Out and 5 Guys

source by: https://www.bizquest.com/five-guys-restaurants-for-sale/

Burgers in In&Out is cheap and fresh. But there are limited toppings to choose, and fries are not that crispy and greasy. On the other hand, 5 Guys burger have more toppings to enjoy, and fries are more delicious than In&Out. To me, 5 Guys Burgers and fries were my type.