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We went to Chico State University for a tour of their campus and Culture Day with the high school students attending Trio.
On the tour around Chico State University they kept reminding us of their schools Motto; Today Decides Tomorrow.

Chico’s Trio had many activities for Culture Day; food, games, crafts, music, dances’ and a Talent Show.
The Korean students were very popular at the Culture Day.

Today Decides Tomorrow
Chico State University; Founded in 1887 and is the 2nd University opened in California. Their campus is 119 acres on their main campus, 800 acres on their farm, and 2,330 acres on their Ecological Reserve. They have their first female president, Gayle Hutchinson.
Information to contact Chico State University:
Phone number: 530.898.4636
Academic Hours: 8am – 5pm Monday-Friday
Summer Hours: 7am – 5:30pm Monday-Thursday